Why Now

Ultimate Digits is a public good, a basic piece of the digital payments infrastructure that belongs to the community.

  1. Web3 domain services have already done the market education about the need for wallets and dApps to integrate alternative web3 identifiers into their products. Now when we approach a wallet for integration, the cycle time has shortened significantly - they’re already open to integrating with products like ours that simplify user experience.

  2. Consensys has released Metamask Snaps through which we can build micro-apps within Metamask in a permissionless manner. Given that Metamask is among the most popular crypto wallets currently, we can reach its user base via our Snap without needing to rely on a native integration that would be time-consuming and expensive.

  3. Users in 12 countries (and counting) have already experienced the convenience of UPI and see merit in abstracting account details to mobile numbers. As of 2022, ~2600 merchants accepted payments in crypto in the US alone. This number is expected to multiply several-fold through 2030. Now is the time to build infrastructure to simplify payments and asset transfers.

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