Token ($ULT)

Ultimate Digits is a public good, a basic piece of the digital payments infrastructure that belongs to the community. $ULT is the native protocol token for Ultimate Digits.

Immediate use cases for $ULT after launch:

  • VIP number auctions: Token staking unlocks the ability for people to purchase and bid on vanity, virtual NFT phone numbers. These vanity numbers are highly desirable based on our waitlist surveys.

  • Tokens offset transaction fees on fungible tokens and NFTs (otherwise 0.1% for fungible).

  • Voting on Tally DAO decisions. DAO design will consider Hick’s Law.

  • Airdrop incentives and behavior nudging: To encourage community participation, referrals, and transaction frequency & volume.

Future use cases:

  • Limitless wallet-to-wallet messaging for $ULT holders. Non-holders capped at 3 messages per day.

  • Token-Based Authentication for ZKP Generation: Users must spend $ULT to generate the zk-SNARKs or zk-STARKs to facilitate changes of the wallets linked as payment addresses to Ethereum mobile numbers. This mechanism ensures that only legitimate users with a stake in the platform can initiate these sensitive operations, adding an extra layer of security against spam or malicious activities.

  • Dynamic Time-Lock Fees: Users must spend $ULT to modify the default time-lock period for phone number changes or NFT transfers, while those willing to wait the standard duration would pay no fee. This creates a flexible system that can accommodate the urgency of different users' needs while also generating demand for $ULT.

  • Current mobile number changes: All transactions related to changes of mobile (current numbers, not ETH numbers) numbers linked to wallets need users to pay a small fee in $ULT. This not only creates a consistent utility for the token but also helps to prevent spam and ensures that users are genuinely interested in making the transaction.

  • User Verification: Leverage $ULT as a means to verify user identity during the phone number change process, where a certain amount of tokens could act as proof of identity or stake in the system, adding an extra layer of verification and trust.

  • Salting & Hashing: This is the mechanism we use to protect the privacy of user data on chain. To avail of this utility, users need to spend a small amount of $ULT.

  • High-quality decentralized VOIP services: available only to token holders, others get standard quality audio.

  • eSIM: $ULT holders will be prioritized for eSIMs once they are available and we complete our MVNO setup.

  • Secondary token: At some point in the future, when we transition to a DePIN model for connectivity to our eSIMs, we’ll launch an additional token to compensate node operators for providing coverage. Holders of $ULT will be airdropped allocation of this additional token too, based on snapshots of their holdings at various periods.

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