Protocol Roadmap

Ultimate Digits is a public good, a basic piece of the digital payments infrastructure that belongs to the community.

Milestone 1 (Current)

  • Testnet v3 (React web app):

  1. Purchasing virtual mobile numbers as NFTs

  2. Linking mobile numbers to crypto wallet addresses

  3. Using phone number identifiers in lieu of wallet addresses to send/receive crypto

  • Phone number registry for virtual numbers

  • Classification of phone numbers into categories for price determination and auction rules setup

  • NFT contracts with virtual phone numbers

  • Rule-based AI for recommendation algorithm to suggest people virtual phone numbers for purchase

  • Magic Labs integration

  • Coinbase embedded wallet integration

  • Coinbase auth integration

  • Coinbase Pay integration

  • Airdrop farming page

  • Telegram Bot

Milestone 2 (June to September 2024)

  • Mainnet v1 (React web app)

  • Fiat onramp integration

  • Three token utilities go live (rewards utility i.e. Ultimate Rewards v1)

  • NFT checkout integration

  • Twilio integration (for onboarding)

  • CMS v1 with Plerdy integration

  • PayNow sandbox integration

  • Metamask Snap

Milestone 3 (October to December 2024)

  • DAO governance setup via Snapshot

  • Flutter app testnet v1 (feedback via Canny)

  • SendGrid or Brevo integration

  • Fractal ID integration (for user KYC)

  • Fractal ID integration (for Fractal logins)

  • REST API for dAapp integration (wallet-focused)

Milestone 4 (January to April 2025)

  • REST API for dAapp integration (wallet-focused)

  • Flutter mainnet - release APK and TestFlight access

  • Mainnet v2 (web app)

  • V1 release of Web3 notifications service -> text/SMS messages (additional token utility)

  • CMS v2

  • Staking pool (additional token utility)

  • Produktly or Appcues integration for higher user activation rates

  • PayNow integration go-live

Milestone 5 (May to July 2025)

  • V1 release of Web3 notifications service -> push notifications

  • Web3 phone numbers <> RWA numbers relay

  • Ultimate Rewards module v2

  • Play Store and App Store release

  • Multi-Factor Authentication v1 (additional token utility)

Milestone 6 (August to October 2025)

  • Decentralized VOIP (dVOIP) testnet

  • Integration exploration with BlockLess for node management for dVOIP

  • Molly fork testnet

  • MVNO integration commencement

Milestone 7 (November to January 2026)

  • Decentralized VOIP v1 (additional token utility) [feedback via Canny or ProductLift]

  • Molly fork v1 (additional token utility) [feedback via Canny]

  • CMS v3

  • Additional chain support

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