About Ultimate Digits

Ultimate Digits is a public good, a basic piece of the digital payments infrastructure that belongs to the community.

Ultimate Digits makes users’ existing mobile numbers their existing crypto wallets’ addresses. For the privacy-conscious, we provide virtual Web3 mobile numbers as NFTs on Ethereum. These Web3 identifiers are ITU E164-compliant mobile numbers, starting with our unique +999 country code. Since most people are familiar with mobile numbers and use them in apps like WhatsApp, this system offers an intuitive Web2.5 bridge.

Ultimate Digits is to ITU what ENS is to ICANN. We start as a Web2.5 app, evolving into a super-app with decentralized VOIP, text alerts for wallet transactions, and hash key-based micro-transactions.

Our system securely links users' existing cryptocurrency wallets to their mobile numbers. This allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies and NFTs simply using the recipient's mobile number. Currently, users can send digital assets across different blockchain networks.

Our long-term goal is to integrate with UPI. This integration means that when you send cryptocurrency from your wallet, it can be converted into fiat currency and deposited into the recipient's bank account if they don't have a crypto wallet. If the recipient has a crypto wallet, they receive the assets there. If they have both, the sender can choose the destination account. This integration aims to make crypto transactions as convenient and frequent as fiat transactions.

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